Cancellation / Refund Policy

i. All orders that are placed are final. Cancellations or refunds will only be considered if the order is lost in the post or the products received are faulty. If you have received a faulty product you must contact us within 14 days of receiving the lashes. If your order has been lost, you must contact us within 14 days of your estimated due date. All orders are closed after 14 days and no refund, swap or cancellation will be possible.

ii. All customers are responsible for checking that the shipping information that is inputted when ordering is correct. Get Lashed Online are not responsible if orders are shipped to incorrect shipping addresses (unless our error). No refunds or replacements are possible if the wrong shipping information is inputted and the order does not arrive.

iii. By the customer finalising their order by paying, the customer agrees to our processing and shipping times. For UK domestic orders, processing times are up to 5 working days and shipping is 2 - 5 working days. For international orders, processing times is up to 5 working days and shipping up to 10 working days. No cancellations or refunds are possible, if the customers  desired date to receive the order has passed, but the order is still within the shipping time frame.

iv. We encourage customers to contact us directly if they wish to receive their order by a specific date. Get Lashed Online will always try and accommodate our customers by either attempting to send out orders earlier or by arranging next day delivery (please be aware this is not always possible). We do advise that if the customer needs their order by a specific date, that they should ask us if it is possible to send the order out earlier before they order. If the customer places their order first and then enquires about having a faster delivery and Get Lashed Online is unable to accommodate, no refund or cancellation of the order is possible.

v. All our orders are sent via Royal Mail and are sent to be signed for. If the order is missed, the customer will need to take their red Royal Mail calling card and their ID to their local Royal Mail depot to collect the order. Get Lashed Online are not responsible if the order has been missed. The customer is responsible for either reorganising a delivery or collecting their order. No cancellation or refund will be issued if the order is missed and/or is waiting at a Royal Mail depot.

vi. If an order has been missed, it is the customers responsibility to collect the order from their local Royal Mail depot. Royal Mail will hold all orders for up to 18 calendar days. If the order is not collected within 18 calendar days, Royal Mail will return the order back to us. Under theses circumstances, Get Lashed Online will not cancel or refund any items that are sent back to us. Get Lashed Online will contact the customer via email to make the customer aware that the order has been returned. The customer will have to repay £2.99 for postage as the original postage applied will no longer be valid. Payments can be made to us either by bank transfer or PayPal. Until Get Lashed Online receives a payment from the customer, all returned orders will remain at our offices.

vii. Once an item has been delivered to an address, Get Lashed Online receive an electronic signature confirming the order has been received. If the customer claims the order has not been received and Royal Mail have provided us digital proof that it has been received, the customer will need to dispute this with Royal Mail directly. Alternatively, if you have ordered an item to an apartment block, university accommodation or any type of accommodation that a third party must sign for the delivery, once it has been signed for by them it is their responsibility to ensure you receive the order. Get Lashed Online are not responsible for any orders that get lost or undelivered by a third party. Get Lashed Online are not responsible for any orders once we receive an electronic signature that they have been delivered at the correct address. Under these circumstances no replacement order/cancellation/refund will be possible.

viii. If the customer receives faulty products, the customer must contact us within 14 days of receiving the order. Get Lashed Online will ask for picture proof of the faulty product and this must be provided within 14 days for a replacement or refund to be considered. The photo evidence of the faulty lashes must show lashes that have not been worn, customised or altered in anyway. If the lashes have been worn, customised or altered this, will void any claim that the lash is faulty, as we will not know whether the lash was received faulty or if the faulty lashes became faulty due to being worn, customised or altered. If Get Lashed Online agree that the product is faulty and the customer wishes for a refund, the customer must send back the faulty lashes they have received and once they are received by us a refund will be processed. If the customer wishes for a replacement, the replacement will be sent to the original address used in the order. A delivery to an alternative address will not be considered.